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5 TikTok Must Haves!

Let’s be real. Who doesn’t watch TikTok nowadays? Right…NOBODY!

If you’re like me you love to find new things to try. Influencers on TikTok have came up with a #amazonfinds and I can NOT help myself but to look for hours! I came across some really good finds when I wasn’t laughing my booty off! So I made a list so you don’t have to go searching yourself!

List of 5 TikTok Must Haves:

1. LED Lights For Room

Most teenaged girls have LED lights hanging in their room. If you don’t already, you should. The vibe it gives off at night is the best thing. These lights can change to pretty much any color you’d like. It also has features of flashing, slow changing, and they can sync to your music! 50 feet long to cover most rooms. Plus…. FREE SHIPPING! What can get better than that? Only $27

2. Car Folding Mirror

Are you ever in a hurry trying to do your makeup in the car rushing to work? This will definitely come in handy! It’s a bigger and better mirror than the one you already have up there. I am telling you… this will save the day. Only $11!

3. Digital Led Alarm Clock

I personally love this alarm clock. It just looks so modern, I love it. It is so useful. It has USB ports in it. So you don’t have a close plug in to your bed? This will be so helpful. Only $20!

4. Shampoo Brush/Scalp Massager

Do you get build up in your hair? Is it hard for you to get it out? I know this happens to me all the time. With this shampoo brush you’ll always get it all washed out. Plus getting a head massage in the process. When I found this I immediately had to order it. Only $7.99!

5. Foot Peel Mask

I’ve seen this EVERYWHERE! Dry feet? gone. Calluses? gone. You honestly should probably get it for your dad if his feet are like my dads. But really it’s amazing. You’ll be shedding like a snake.


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